So finally the Doctors have sent my all important med forms back to the AFCO.

Contacted my recruiting officer this morning and he advised that all was ok, my forms are now on route to ADSC Lichfield where they’ll either clear me or tell me to jog on.

At least now the ball is moving, should see no reason not to be cleared at this early stage. Hopefully they won’t take my fitness level into consideration.

Training is going well. Running is becoming easier, I think i’ll be easily clearing the 1.5 mile time in a few weeks, and then I’ll just keep on working at my overall fitness, strength and stamina.


One Response to “Progression!”

  1. Hi, great blog! It’s really interesting hearing about someone else’s experiences of joining up.

    By the sounds of it, you’ll breeze through ADSC, so don’t sweat it.

    If you have any questions from someone who’s been there, give me a shout.

    Good luck :]

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