My medical practice have had my forms for over 2 weeks now, and yet the AFCO have yet to receive them.

I’m going to wait till Friday then give them a call, see what’s going on.

I know it may seem like I’m moaning, well yeah I am but it’s holding up my application, I can’t proceed with BARB tests etc until these forms are back with my recruitment officer and I’m found to be medically cleared.

I will hopefully be deemed as fit for service, no serious illness/disease or any other medical history, the only time I’ve ever really visited the Doc is for routine check ups and a few blood tests.

The running is coming along well, I have decided that I need to find a new route because I’m currently running around a pond and it gets really marshy and the ground is very uneven and I think I’m pushing it with my ankles.

Maybe if someone is reading they could recommend some decent running trainers?

So anyway, I’m in full swing … Will update again when I hear from the Doctors on Friday :)


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