How fit am i?

Went for a run this morning on my Initial Steps Workout Plan and managed to run 1 mile in 14mins 38secs, so its not as bad as i first feared.

I did honestly think it would take me around 18-20 mins to complete a mile so im feeling pretty good about getting the 1.5 mile time down to under 10 minutes.

I still have 7 weeks of this workout left to complete, and am quite hopeful that i will achieve my goal within this period, and then be able to focus on stamina and longer distance running, and also upper/lower body strength in the gym.

After a few weeks i will post a collation of my GPS route maps, and give you a further insight into my progress, but for now i am keeping it all under wraps :)

Again im using the miCoach app, which is available for free download on the Apple App Store.  Its actually a really good workout app, and helps you keep tabs on how well you are performing.

Example Screen Shot miCoach iPhone App

So till next time … Thanks for reading :)


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