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Week 1

Posted in Career on September 25, 2010 by lilcazzi

So I’m reaching the end of my first week in Training. Gonna go have a run later tonight and then tomorrow is rest day.

Totally enjoying myself, never thought I’d say that but I think this running lark suits me!

I’ve 7 weeks left on this particular training plan so hopefully will see large improvements by the end date, and then I’m moving onto the next level.

Still need to phone my AFCO on Monday to confirm all paperwork has been received. Then I’ll be able to get booked in for my BARB and other tests.

I’m already preparing myself for these tests and interviews. Don’t want to give a poor performance at such an early stage in the process.

That’s about all I can update you with for now, seems a very slow moving train but I’m sure speed will increase with time :)


How fit am i?

Posted in Career, Gym on September 21, 2010 by lilcazzi

Went for a run this morning on my Initial Steps Workout Plan and managed to run 1 mile in 14mins 38secs, so its not as bad as i first feared.

I did honestly think it would take me around 18-20 mins to complete a mile so im feeling pretty good about getting the 1.5 mile time down to under 10 minutes.

I still have 7 weeks of this workout left to complete, and am quite hopeful that i will achieve my goal within this period, and then be able to focus on stamina and longer distance running, and also upper/lower body strength in the gym.

After a few weeks i will post a collation of my GPS route maps, and give you a further insight into my progress, but for now i am keeping it all under wraps :)

Again im using the miCoach app, which is available for free download on the Apple App Store.  Its actually a really good workout app, and helps you keep tabs on how well you are performing.

Example Screen Shot miCoach iPhone App

So till next time … Thanks for reading :)

Let the training begin ….

Posted in Career, Gym on September 19, 2010 by lilcazzi

So you need to be VERY fit in order to serve as a Soldier. I’m not very fit, I will be honest, but want to use my blog as a diary of my fitness.

Today I started my training, mainly concentrating on running at the moment as I need to run 1.5 miles in under 14 minutes. Ideally i want to bring my time to under 10 minutes, meaning I’ll hopefully be fitter than what is to be expected.

Having never ran for a sustained period I’m approaching the running by taking 15 minute stints each morning.

Today I started with an assessment workout using miCoach running app on my phone.

Alongside the website it provides it keeps a log of progress and gives you a map of your route using your GPS location. It’s pretty cool for a free app ;)

So tomorrow morning I am starting my 7 week Initial Steps workout – which builds me up slowly to do a 20 minute run at the end of the plan.

After this I’ll then re-evaluate and start the next stage of training.

More progress to follow soon …